Belonging Bot


A look into the people interacting
within different folksonomies

An exploration of the genders, ages, cities and interests of the people who interacted within the folksonomies that I chose, and how they see themselves.




Of the users who identified their gender within this folksonomy, more than half of them were male. This could be due to the fact that the majority of Twitter users in South Africa are male. When looking at the types of tweets shared within this folksonomy, as well as the accounts from which they are shared, many of them come from news representatives and different companies. According to the Department of Statistics South Africa, female representation in the workplace is still below 50% in South Africa. This could explain why these tweets are predominantly shared by men.


The reason that the age group of 18 to 24 was the largest represented within this folksonomy could be due to the fact that their schooling, work and social lives were very much disrupted. With many 18 year olds around the country entering into matric in 2020, the lockdown would have greatly disadvantaged their ability to learn in a traditional classroom setting, and could have put them at a disadvantage. This age group would also represent many people who are new to the workplace, and the inability to go to work could be detrimental to their newfound careers. Lastly, this demographic would usually socialise outside of a school or family environment. This means that the societal lockdown would also affect their social lives, and they may want to tweet about their experiences or frustrations.

Popular City

The folksonomy lockdown South Africa what's especially popular in the city of Cape Town. This could be due to the fact that the societal lockdown that was entered into because of covid-19 was especially detrimental to their tourist market. Many people visit Cape Town from all over the world to see sites such as Table Mountain, Robben Island and it's many beautiful beaches. With the lack of income generated from The Tourist industry, many individuals and businesses suffered. because of this people may have taken to Twitter in order to voice their concern or frustrations. news media outlets in Cape Town would also have wanted to keep residents and businesses up-to-date.


Travel was the most commonly listed interest by users who interacted within the folksonomy #lockdownSouthAfrica. This could be due to the fact but the lockdown stipulated a ban on travel. Users may have had plans to visit different countries or cities, or have friends and family from different places visit them. Because this was unable to happen, users may have gone to Twitter to voice their frustrations under the hashtag #lockdownSouthAfrica.




Describing Themselves

Twitter users who interacted with in the folksonomy lockdown South Africa had three main words with which they describe themselves in their Twitter bios. The first is Covid. The reason that this word was so commonly used within the bios was because of the fact but the lockdown only happened because of the widespread pandemic: covid-19. Most users who interacted within this folksonomy were speaking about the pandemic and the effects of it. The second word is lockdown. this is because #lockdownSouthAfrica refers to the societal lockdown that was implemented to stop the spread of covid-19. South was the third word that was most commonly used. The reason for this is because this folksonomy speaks about and is popular with users from South Africa.